Use our Community Room.

HI Boston is committed to opening its doors to Boston and the world.

HI Boston welcomes local organizations to use its Community Room for events and community functions. The purpose of the Community Room is to establish an atmosphere that promotes community interaction with the hostel and intercultural awareness. From travel workshops to community meetings, we encourage nonprofits to utilize the space and provide programming that will attract hostel guests and community members.

If you are interesting in using the Community Room, please complete the following form. The Community Room cannot be requested more than 180 days in advance or less than 10 days before the day of the requested event. HI Boston does not establish rental contract of more than a year with host organizations.

Community Room Request

  • Organization & Event Information

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  • Haley House is HI-Boston’s preferred food vendor
  • Audio Visual and Room Setup

    Please select any Audio Visual that you will need and select a room layout option for your event. This document will help us determine how we can meet your specific needs and requests. NOTE: It is best to select a layout based on the number of expected guests.

    Note: Groups must bring PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and other digital documents on an external USB Drive.
  • Community Organization Responsibilities Checklist

  • •Organizations may host community meetings in the Community Room six times per year.
    •Organizations cannot charge an admission fee for events held in the Community Room.
    •The Community Room is not available to partisan-political organizations.
    •Organizations are not permitted to hold religious services in the Community Room.
    •The event contact person from your organization must be available to be given a brief orientation of what is expected prior to and at the conclusion of your meeting.
    •We ask that a member of your staff greet guests at HI-Boston’s entrance to direct them to the room in which you’re meeting.
    •If a publicly promoted event, the agency representative should record the number of guests in attendance in accordance with HI-Boston’s monthly reporting procedures.
    •The hosting community organization is responsible for selecting the setup layout of the Room so HI-Boston can inform its housekeeping staff to prepare the room for the intended event. The Standard floor plan is posted in the room.
    •Paper, decoration or other items cannot be taped or otherwise attached to the doors, walls, or ceilings of the Room without prior permission of HI-Boston.
    •Only registered guests and staff are permitted beyond the public area on the first floor.
    •Food & Beverages are permitted in the Community Room but at the conclusion of your meeting, please clear the tables of all cups, plates, napkins and dispose of in the trash receptacles provided. If more trash bags are needed, please ask at the Front Desk. Spray cleaner and paper towels are to wipe down tables of food and beverage residue. If the space is left in an unsatisfactory condition, there will be a minimum cleaning charge of $25.00.
    •Please ask your guests to be respectful of guests and other visitors to HI-Boston, and keep noise and activity levels to a minimum outside the Community Room.
    •Organizations will be expected to bring their own supplies such as paper, pens, and other office supplies. HI-Boston’s supplies are not available for use.
    •No live animals/pets are permitted at HI-Boston except for service animals for the disabled.
    •Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and the use of candles or open flames are prohibited at HI-Boston.
    •City/building fire code mandates that meeting/event attendance may not exceed the Community Room’s noted capacity of 40 people. All means of egress must remain clear at all times so as to allow for easy exiting in the event of an emergency.
    •The organization/person requesting the space will be financially responsible for the facility and/or equipment in the event of loss or damage (including, but not limited to that resulting from theft, abuse, gross misuse) while it is in their possession/under their use.
    •Event hosts/sponsors are responsible for guests in attendance of their event.
    •Organizations may use overhead projector and speakers, and must bring all presentations, documents and other materials on an external USB drive.
    •HI-Boston does not establish long-term rental contracts of more than one year with host organizations using the Community Room.
    •Failure to comply with the above policies and/or cooperate with HI-Boston staff during the course of an event will result in the immediate suspension or termination of the event and potential loss of future reservation privileges.
    •HI-Boston reserves the right to refuse use of the Community Room to any group or organization.

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