Monumental Stair. The center of it all.

Monumental Stair

The Monumental Staircase is a focal point of HI-Boston. The staircase helps merge the old with the new and is one of many features in the hostel which showcases the preservation and adaptive reuse of a historic structure, an important aspect of Hostelling International’s mission.

HI-Boston is located in the Dill Building (1886-1888), which is listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places. HI-Boston was able to renovate the 60,000 square feet of space, spanning six floors, into a sustainable, green facility.

The landing of the staircase looks out over the lobby which features floor to ceiling windows, promoting the use of natural light. Lighting in this space goes one step further with daylight sensors and dimming controls that help to conserve energy. Looking down onto the front desk highlights yet another green feature. The front desk countertops are made of 10% recycled content. Additionally, nearly 25% of materials used for the front desk millwork, and the lobby furniture, are also made of recycled content. Wood and agrifiber products in the space are made without FSC and urea-formaldehyde.

During demolition floor joist were set aside for later use. They were made into stair treads and casework throughout the building. Everywhere guests turn there is another example of recycled or reused materials.